THEATER SHOW: The President's Men

On Saturday, November 18, Le Cloître will be hosting the improvisational theater show Les Hommes du Président. An original and unique performance in which spectators become an integral part of the story. More than just interactive, this is a truly immersive, rare performance combining theater and improvisation.



Asked about the morale of the French, the President of the Republic had a revelation: "I improvise all the time and that works for me, so the French should do the same".

He then entrusts Agent K, a DGSE commander (the explosive Nelly Bêchétoille), assisted by Ducci (Didier Landucci from the duo Les Bonimenteurs), with the mission of going out to meet the French, with the sole aim of "boosting their morale through the playful, humanist virtues of theatrical improvisation". Assisted by the audience, Agent K and Ducci, who have nothing in common, will carry out their mission to "save" France.

This show follows in the footsteps of the duo Les Bonimenteurs: a story with fine, intelligent humor, a solid dramatic structure and improvised sketches in total interaction with the audience, all cleverly directed by Elric Thomas.

An extraordinary performance, different every night, led by an explosive duo!



ON-SITE CATERING Starting at 7pm

at the Jardins du Cloître

Our apprentice chefs and apprentice waiters take care of the first part of the evening! Under the guidance of chef Ludovic PETIT, our restaurant offers a variety of gourmet dishes in a convivial format:

Cold plate with :

- Eggplant caviar
- Cheese
- Chickpea salad

Hot plate with :

- Shrimp skewers
- Codfish accras
- Lamb Samoussa

Sweet plate with : 

- Crème caramel
- Chocolate Madeleine
- Fruits

Reserve your table now in our restaurant for this exceptional evening in one of the most beautiful locations in the Cité Phocéenne.

Reservations on 04 91 12 29 42