A Cloister to train young people from the northern suburbs

A digital school, social enterprises, training, coworking and event spaces, an urban farm and a community kitchen for local residents [...].

France 3 in the kitchens of the Jardins du Cloître

Journalists from France 3 Marseille's 19/20 came to visit us at Les Jardins du Cloître. During their visit to the restaurant's kitchens, they were able to discuss Ludovic PETIT's double role as Executive Chef and Restaurant Manager, as well as his key role in teaching young trainees their future profession.

A whole territory in 4 walls

In Marseille's northern suburbs, a former convent called Le Cloître is getting a makeover. Transformed from a place of worship to a workplace, it is home to a number of forward-looking [...].

Michel Portos' Casseroles Solidaires are cooking again

In Marseille, the two-starred chef and his brigade of volunteers are relaunching the operation that provided over 20,000 meals to the most needy during the first confinement. A new season of [...]

Open the doors to the Cloître, a green oasis of solidarity in the northern districts of Paris.

After a year's work, the first tenants are starting to move into Le Cloître. This center for social and environmental entrepreneurship is located in Saint-Jérôme, in Marseille's northern suburbs [...].

Le Cloître, a place that changes innovation

Le Cloître, located in Marseille's northern suburbs, has just been named one of the "25 places that are changing innovation in France".
When asked about the vocation of Le Cloître in Marseille, its director and co-founder Arnaud Castagnède answers that it is to [...].

Le Cloître

Have you ever heard of Le Cloître? This former convent in the Saint-Jérôme district has been converted into a place of social entrepreneurship by the Apprentis d'Auteuil. Built in 1934, the cloister was once occupied by the congregation of the Sisters of the Visitation. The sisters left the [...]

Marseille: a former cloister turned youth training center

It's an atypical place for reintegration, a former cloister in the heart of Marseille's northern districts. Companies have agreed to play the game, capitalizing on the potential of the apprentices [...].

Marseilles: At Le Cloître, in the northern suburbs, "we don't do social work just to do social work".

A haven of peace and tranquility in the heart of Marseille's northern districts. Perched in the Saint-Jérôme district of Marseille's 13th arrondissement, a new place opened its doors around five months ago: Le Cloître [...].

Le Cloître, the former monastery where the economy serves the social project

There will be an urban farm developed by Le paysan urbain, a digital school with Simplon, a concierge service, MinaKook catering, and a specialist in [...].

Emmanuel Macron at the "Cloître des faiseurs d'avenir

On Friday evening, Emmanuel Macron arrived at the "Cloître des faiseurs d'avenir", a business and association incubator in Marseille's 13th arrondissement. The French head of state [...]

At Le Cloître in Marseille, entrepreneurs drive social inclusion

In this former convent belonging to the Apprentis d'Auteuil, in the heart of Marseille's northern districts, the companies that set up here are committed to training young people from working-class districts [...].

In Marseille, the Cloître goes XV

As you may already know, in September Marseille will be hosting 6 Rugby World Cup matches at the Velodrome. In the run-up to this global event, and to celebrate 200 years of rugby, the Cloître team is putting on its spikes [...].

In Marseilles, young people from the northern suburbs learn a trade at Le Cloître

Covid-19 was the reason for the September 20 solidarity banquet on Marseille's Corniche, which has been postponed to a later date. The aim was to thank the 500 people who had pledged their [...]

Le Cloître, a Marseilles address nurtured by generosity and shared talent

Concerts, gastronomy, receptions, exhibitions... Le Cloître is the place to be in Marseille. Enough to make you want to know a little more about this multi-faceted place [...].

Pots and pans to help the most disadvantaged

Closed since the beginning of the lockdown, the restaurant Les jardins du Cloître has nevertheless not turned off its stoves. 500 to 700 meals are cooked there every day for the most disadvantaged [...].

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