Le Cloître among France's 25 most innovative venues

Le Cloître has been selected by the Banque des Territoires as one of France's 25 most innovative locations. Recognition of the work done by Le Cloître teams to meet the challenge of commitment.

Committed, innovative entrepreneurship: a core commitment in the Cloître DNA

Each year, the Banque des Territoires, France urbaine, Groupe Patriarche and JML Conseil publish a list of France's 25 innovative locations, with the aim of highlighting structures committed to the development of innovation in France, and which take into account the challenges of economic and societal transformation. It is in these qualities that the Cloître has been selected, and resonates as a place that makes sense.

Towards an entrepreneurial ecosystem of the future

"Making the economy the driving force behind a social project and a commitment to the environment".

This is the aspiration of Le Cloître, according to Arnaud Castagnède
Co-founder and director .

For the past 3 years, Le Cloître has been pursuing a voluntary, unsubsidized commitment based on two pillars:
On the one hand, training for young people, and on the other, eco-responsible actions such as waste sorting and the creation of an organic vegetable garden.

This challenge has been met with flying colors, but the company continues to evolve in order to maintain its societal impact and ensure the continuity of this dynamic, humanized ecosystem.

Le Cloître has been described as one of Marseille's most innovative sites, as have the Cité de l'Innovation et des Savoirs Aix-Marseille and La Coque, leading the city towards a sustainable, committed future.

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Arnaud Castagnède, co-founder of Le Cloître, talks about the importance of the committed entrepreneurship supported by Le Cloître.


The history of the Cloister

A former convent in the northern territories of Marseille, the Fondation des Apprentis d'Auteuil property has been renovated in 2019 to make way for a social entrepreneurship campus.
A project co-designed with social entrepreneurs and leaders of major groups.

Today, 16 companies from a wide range of sectors (urban agriculture, catering, digital technology, concierge services) are developing their activities at Le Cloître, with the shared ambition of providing vocational training for young people in the northern territories of Marseille, who represent a wealth of employment opportunities.
Among them are companies with a mission [few of them have adopted this status], such as the restaurant Les Jardins du Cloître, which includes the social dimension in its business goals.

Location Le Cloître Marseille from above