What a story!

2016 - The genesis

Vincent ROBERT, President of the Bayon Foundation, based in Angkor, Cambodia, which works to qualify women in the pastry-making trade, calls on Arnaud CASTAGNÈDE, founder of ActaVista and Bao Formation, to create a center for economic and social innovation in Marseille.

Their meeting with Bruno GALY, then PACA regional director of Apprentis d'Auteuil, and with leaders involved with the NGO Ashoka, enabled them to envisage together the Cloître project on one of the Foundation's sites, in the heart of Marseille's northern districts.

This former cloister, then known as Saint-François de Sales, located on the hill of Saint-Bruno in the 13th arrondissement, was given a new lease of life and became the setting for an innovative project: to build a place where companies could envisage their future together with that of young people in the northern part of Marseille. Le Cloître was born.

November 2017 - December 2018

Renovation of the 4,000 m2 of the 6,000 m2 building that make up the Cloître. 3.5 M invested jointly by the Foundation and theEuropean Union, with the participation of the Fonds Régional de Développement Economique (FEDER Région Sud) to undertake the work required for this conversion.

From a 6-hectare estate in a state of wasteland, we're beginning to see the beginnings of a revival.


April 8, 2019 

Restaurant opening Les Jardins du Cloître marked by the integration of 6 apprentices via the Apprentis d'Auteuil training and professional integration programs.

They are all committed to their training and professional qualifications in the restaurant.

Their arrival marks the start of a wonderful adventure!

April 2020

France is facing an historic health crisis that is impacting every facet of our society. Our restaurant is joining forces to respond to this scourge. Michel PORTOS and Arnaud CASTAGNÈDE launch Les Casseroles Solidaires which distributes 160,000 meals to the underprivileged, particularly the homeless . The program is run in partnership with SAMU Social and the Vendredi 13 association.

meals a week for students

Today, our action has adapted to needs: 50 meals from the restaurant's menu are distributed free of charge each week to the Vendredi 13 association for the most disadvantaged students.


6 at the start of the adventure, the apprentice cooks and apprentice waiters now number 34.

In addition to professional skills and know-how, eco-responsible behavior is taught on a daily basis.

Every day, the apprentices learn a little more about their trade from chefs Jérémie Fenneteaux and Michel Portos.

Today, our restaurant welcomes over 20,000 customers a year, which is further proof of the success of our project.

The new face

of committed entrepreneurship

The vocation of the companies based at Le Cloître? Building the future!

Located in the heart of a 6-hectare wooded estate in the Saint-Jérome district of Marseille. The 6,000m² former convent has been converted into a center for innovation and social entrepreneurship.

The idea is simple: each resident develops his or her business in an up-and-coming sector, and commits to training local young people in their trade.

Our ambition? To make the company the center of gravity of the collective interest.
Business start-up assistance, coworking, organic and responsible restaurant, organic market gardening, concierge service, digital skills training.

Welcome to an ecosystem of forward-looking entrepreneurs!